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Helederos 157, Cusco, Cusco 08000, Peru
Tap to call +1347-674-6768
381.06€ ($445.00) - 381.06€ ($445.00) Peru Helederos 157, Cusco, Cusco, 08000, Peru +1347-674-6768 1 Machu Picchu 4 days 2
Tariff / Machu Picchu 4 days / Minimum days 1 Maximum days 365 / Min person 1 Max person 2 / 1 $ 525.1 Sunday, 10 June 2029
Peru Helederos 157, Cusco, Cusco, 08000, Peru +1347-674-6768 381.06€ ($445.00) - 381.06€ ($445.00) 10 10 Amazing 4 days It was an amazing 4 days for me to go with Peru Expedition guidance - Thanks to him especially on the day of Inca jungle trail we learned a lot about the local products and how Incas lived at that time, he explained extremely well all type of products with nice break after climbing up to Inca trail. In every stop we enjoyed the local food and traditions around the towns which we stayed in the rural neighborhoods. We particularly enjoyed Pedros little surprises like a beautiful dinner lunch times with his personal stories and we made a good team work on Machu Picchu town before climbing up to the mountain. We had overall well arranged guidance and excellent organization by the agency. highly recommended ! -

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